How To Write A Persuasive Essay

The types of essay vary according to their purpose. Every student must be aware of how to reflect the topic if you are limited with specific format. Talking about persuasive essay, it is a writing form where an author must convince the reader in his views. It is essential to master the skills of writing a persuasive paper because it contributes to a person’s critical thinking. Once you make a good conviction in essay, you will be about to succeed in oral dispute. So, if you want to discover how to write a persuasive essay, follow the following guidelines.

The first difficulty that any writer may face is a choice of position, which he must stand up for in accordance with his topic. For example,

“Should students be paid for having good marks?” First of all, check the definitions of unknown phenomena and concepts in the dictionary because all your arguments will be vain if you have not understood the sense of topic. Then, be strategic and choose that side, where you can provide the most effective evidence. You are responsible for the position you choose, if you suddenly push away from your major views, your essay may cause mistrust and disaffection. To avoid any hesitation during the writing process, start with an outline with possible arguments and facts that can support it.

Who will read your essay? How to convince them to support your claims? What is the point, which the mass will support? Put yourself in a place of a member of a target audience. Will you be indifferent to the issue, or excited with the topic? Think of possible debatable points and try to predict publics reaction on it. The presence of any reaction is a positive factor, when the absence is the negative one.

To persuade audience you must deserve their attention. If in your hook sentence in the introduction is a shocking and relevant fact that matters to the audience, then audience will continue reading the essay and respect your arguments.

In each paragraph of the main body you must support ideas with trustworthy evidence. Be clear in your claims, don`t use confusing grammatical structures and unreliable facts. The evidence must be accurate, check it on two or more sources. Sometimes the connection between your idea and evidence may seem vague for a reader. In this case, you must show this connection reasonably and logically. You are also welcome to dwell on opposing points of view to convince the reader not to support their ideas in order to support yours. A writer can also use an example from his own experience, but he must be careful and do it sparingly.

The last paragraph consists of a summary of the presented ideas with the connection between thesis statement. Bear in mind that the last sentence must call a reader to action, because the conviction was conducted on some specific reason. Show consequences, to which the claim that you have supported may lead.

To prevent yourself from fail, get acquainted with persuasive essay examples. Try to critically evaluate these samples and then everything that you read.

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